The Village at Creekside

Shopping & Dining on Spearfish Creek


When the Developer found this 6.9 acre property just north of town on Spearfish Creek, they knew they had discovered a very special and unique piece of the Black Hills. The Village at Creekside concept was born of a desire to honor the history of the property, interface with the creek in a meaningful way, and create an experience in Spearfish unlike any other. The Developers envision a community where multiple uses and spaces work together to create an intimate “village” feeling with Spearfish Creek as the focal point. This location is perfect for a development that seeks to take full advantage of the Spearfish Creek, as well as draw on the natural beauty and history of the Spearfish area. Architecturally, the Developer is using the lines and shapes of traditional Black Hills farms/ranch structures, while also keeping an eye to incorporating fresh new designs. Connectivity is another advantage of this location, and planned walking/biking paths in the Village will connect with the existing Spearfish path systems. The Village will be an accessible, community-centered place where people can enjoy the natural beauty of Spearfish and its creek while shopping, working, residing, enjoying a cup of coffee, or dining on a patio. Becoming part of the Village at Creekside can be through lot purchase, build to suit, lease option, or lease. Please call Rick Furnish (605-641-2979) for more details! The Village at Creekside—a fun and welcoming destination for locales and visitors alike!

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